Gucci Mane: “Everybody Looking”

Guwop home if you hadn’t heard yet, who am I kidding, everyone knows that Gucci Mane is a free man and now we are being blessed with his first album out of prison, “Everybody Looking”…

The fifteen song track list produced by Mike Will Made It and Zaytoven is the type of Gucci that I’ve been waiting to come back. While not a heavy featured album, I appericiate the few players that did have spots including Kanye West on “Pussy Print,” Drake on “Back On Road,” and Young Thug on my personal favorite, “Guwop Home” which also includes an incredible music video filmed at the legends own house. It feature him and Thugger at Gucci’s mansion celebrating his home arrival.

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Gucci starts off strong with “No Sleep-Intro” exclaiming how he can’t get no sleep because he has so much to say, which then enters “Out Do Ya” a track about the fact that even while in jail Gucci’s managed out do half the rappers out here. His song with Kanye, “Pussy Print” undoubtly is somewhat humorous due to the fact that he compares his wallet print to well, you know. Another interesting track is Guwop’s “All My Children” which gives nods to the rappers he has influenced over the years, although it is tough to decide whether it’s a shout out of respect or more condescending.

Overall, the body of work is good, it’s the type of classic Gucci trap that the worlds been missing since before he went to jail. For more on what life in jail was like, check out The Fader’s interview with Gucci.

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