Frank Ocean: “Blonde”

It may not be Boys Don’t Cry, but the protical son has returned and brought with him a hazy and soulful album to end the summer…

Frank Ocean; you disappeared, made us wait, gave us false hope of an album that honestly, most of us assumed to be never released. But here we are, finally with Blonde as well as the Endless visual album (which I have to admit I have yet to watch) and a Boys Don’t Cry lookbook/magazine.

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The long awaited sophomore album includes 17 tracks, my personal favorites being “Nike,” “Ivy,” “Solo,” “Self Control,” and the first half of “Futura Free.” Ocean manages to keep the album flowing through melodic R&B vibes while still maintaing some hip hop undertones. It is personal without being overwhelming, relatable and understanding almost, as if he is singing solely for the purpose of expression not caring who the audience might be. Especially in the first half of “Futura Free” you can tell how personal the album is and why Frank tends to stay away from the fame as he sings “They tryna find 2Pac//Don’t let ’em find 2Pac//He evade the press//He escape the stress.”

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Overall, Blonde is exactly what I (and what I believe to be everyone else as well) have been waiting for. It’s slow in a way that makes you respect each and every sound and beat, his voice soothes over each meoldy without hesitation giving a look into his personal life. Ocean also released this project independtly from Def Jam, creating a whole different type of buzz around the project.  I feel like I have so much more to say, but I fear it would not come across as elequontly as simply listening to the album itself.

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